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Seven Strong Softball

Kim Reeder

Client Overview

Since its inception in 2006, Seven Strong Softball, led by founder and instructor Kim Reeder, has been a cornerstone of the global softball community. From Italy to Australia and across the United States, Kim has provided top-tier instruction and college recruiting services in pitching and fielding. Seven Strong's commitment goes beyond skill development, emphasizing both mental and mechanical techniques while ensuring adherence to NCAA eligibility requirements.
Seven Strong Softball

Implementation and Impact of CoachIQ

By integrating CoachIQ into Seven Strong's operations, Kim Reeder was able to transition her business to a subscription-based model, ensuring that every athlete had access to essential training resources through the base membership. Athletes now enjoy:

Unlimited Access to Instructionals:
ver 75 comprehensive instructionals are available, with new content released weekly, providing athletes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Convenient Training Packages:
Athletes can easily purchase training packages within the CoachIQ platform, streamlining the process and enhancing convenience.

Direct Communication with Coach Kim:
Through CoachIQ's in-app messaging feature, athletes have direct access to Coach Kim for personalized guidance and support, fostering a stronger coach-client relationship.

Services Seven Strong Softball Uses

The CoachIQ platform propels softball training beyond traditional bounds and offers all features needed to successfully run your coaching business:

Client Management

Seamlessly organize every interaction, detail, and document with your clients in dedicated client records.

Create and Send Forms

Create and deploy forms for programs and camp registrations, feedback, and more.

Easy Payment Management

Easily create packages, invoices, payment plans, subscriptions, and coupons using Stripe for seamless transactions.

Schedule & Track Sessions

Intuitive scheduling system, tailored specifically for sports coaches. Streamline your planning process, effortlessly manage your time, and gain unparalleled insights into every session.

Engage your athletes across multiple channels

Utilize in-app messages, SMS, and announcements to keep them informed and motivated with the latest training schedules and updates.

Create and Sell Virtual Programs

Effortlessly design and sell your digital offerings including programs and video analysis, expanding your reach globally and boosting in-person coaching value.

Send Announcements

Effortlessly keep all your clients informed about upcoming events, schedule adjustments, and training updates with just one click


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