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How Brandon Evans used CoachIQ to launch and start his business.

Brandon Evans

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Meet Brandon Evans, the founder of Pro Standard Basketball Academy based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Brandon's journey from starting his business to training 75 athletes per week is a testament to the transformative power of CoachIQ. When Brandon began his coaching venture, he faced the challenge of managing every aspect of his business, from scheduling sessions to handling payments and communicating with athletes. Enter CoachIQ—the all-in-one platform designed specifically for private sports coaches like Brandon. With CoachIQ's tools and personalized support, Brandon's business quickly gained momentum. From tracking athlete progress to managing schedules and processing payments, CoachIQ handles it all, allowing Brandon to focus on what he does best—coaching. One of Brandon's favorite aspects of CoachIQ is its tailored approach. Unlike generic solutions, CoachIQ listens to coaches' needs and delivers customized solutions. Russell and the CoachIQ team are always just an email away, ensuring that any updates or enhancements are promptly implemented.

In summary, CoachIQ has been instrumental in Pro Standard Basketball Academy's growth from zero to 75 athletes per week. With CoachIQ by his side, Brandon can focus on what he loves—coaching—and leave the rest to the platform's efficient and user-friendly tools. If you're a private sports coach looking to grow your business, follow Brandon's lead and join CoachIQ today.

Client Management

Seamlessly organize every interaction, detail, and document with your clients in dedicated client records.

Create and Send Forms

Create and deploy forms for programs and camp registrations, feedback, and more.

Easy Payment Management

Easily create packages, invoices, payment plans, subscriptions, and coupons using Stripe for seamless transactions.

Schedule & Track Sessions

Intuitive scheduling system, tailored specifically for sports coaches. Streamline your planning process, effortlessly manage your time, and gain unparalleled insights into every session.

Engage your athletes across multiple channels

Utilize in-app messages, SMS, and announcements to keep them informed and motivated with the latest training schedules and updates.

Create and Sell Virtual Programs

Effortlessly design and sell your digital offerings including programs and video analysis, expanding your reach globally and boosting in-person coaching value.

Send Announcements

Effortlessly keep all your clients informed about upcoming events, schedule adjustments, and training updates with just one click


Launch Your Online Presence

With our Custom Website Builder, effortlessly create and deploy a personalized website to captivate more clients and showcase your brand.

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