Top Class Training
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Top Class Training in Miami transformed its soccer coaching operations using CoachIQ, streamlining scheduling, enhancing communication, and expanding global outreach.

Top Class Training

Top Class Training

Client Overview

Top Class Training, based in Miami, focuses on nurturing young soccer talents by instilling professional training habits and discipline. To manage their expanding operations and to streamline their coaching process, Top Class Training adopted CoachIQ, optimizing its tailored features to suit the specific demands of a soccer coaching business.
Top Class Training
Streamlined Scheduling for In-Person Training:
CoachIQ’s dynamic scheduling tool has been integral in organizing daily practices, private sessions, and special soccer clinics at Top Class. This tool minimized administrative tasks and maximized field time, while also allowing players and parents to easily view and book available training sessions.

Integrated Payment Solutions:
The seamless payment system within CoachIQ facilitated smooth transactions for various services, including team training dues and fees for individual sessions. This feature supported the introduction of the Top Class Training Virtual Membership, simplifying sign-ups and renewals, enhancing cash flow, and easing financial management.

Centralized Communication Hub:
CoachIQ’s communication features ensured that updates, training tips, and personalized feedback were delivered effectively, improving player engagement and strengthening the coach-athlete relationship. This centralized hub ensured timely communication for schedule changes or performance acknowledgments.

Global Outreach through Virtual Training Classes:
Expanding their coaching reach, Top Class Training utilized CoachIQ to offer virtual training classes, enabling them to connect with athletes worldwide. These online sessions provided structured drills that athletes could perform at home, fostering a global community of disciplined soccer players.

CoachIQ Services Used by Top Class Training

he CoachIQ platform propels soccer training beyond traditional bounds and offers all features needed to successfully run your coaching business:

Client Management

Seamlessly organize every interaction, detail, and document with your clients in dedicated client records.

Create and Send Forms

Create and deploy forms for programs and camp registrations, feedback, and more.

Easy Payment Management

Easily create packages, invoices, payment plans, subscriptions, and coupons using Stripe for seamless transactions.

Schedule & Track Sessions

Intuitive scheduling system, tailored specifically for sports coaches. Streamline your planning process, effortlessly manage your time, and gain unparalleled insights into every session.

Engage your athletes across multiple channels

Utilize in-app messages, SMS, and announcements to keep them informed and motivated with the latest training schedules and updates.

Create and Sell Virtual Programs

Effortlessly design and sell your digital offerings including programs and video analysis, expanding your reach globally and boosting in-person coaching value.

Send Announcements

Effortlessly keep all your clients informed about upcoming events, schedule adjustments, and training updates with just one click


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